Art is an integral part of your workplace, and deserves as much consideration and care as the other furnishings in your space.

Kings Wood Art  is a full-service art consulting firm creating exceptional spaces through art. We specialize in creating customized art solutions, from the initial art concept development through the design, selection, project management and fulfillment process, for corporate, hospitality and healthcare spaces.

We represents hundreds of local and national artists in a wide variety of mediums. Our focus and strength is finding artwork whose color, imagery and scale are appropriate for commercial spaces; creating an attractive and inspiring work environment for our clients.  Our experienced art consultants will create a strategy that integrates your company's values, corporate culture and vision. We will help determine your needs and establish your budget. We will also evaluate your existing art, recommend what should be reused, advise you on placement, lighting and choice of framing.

Knowledge, follow through and customer service are the hallmark of our art business.No matter what your goals in this competitive world, you can take advantage of art’s many benefits, add value to your investment, and create a more enjoyable workplace.  Contact us for a consultation or to request any additional information.

Kings Wood Art is dedicated to advising corporate clients on an international, national, and regional level. Our ability to combine unerring expertise and scholarship with an understanding of corporate landscapes enables us to create tailored strategies that are sensitive to your company’s particular needs and brand integrity.