Kings Wood Art  will help you sell the art you no longer need. We are based in New Jersey  and have been selling art on the internet since 2008. We have  years  of expertise, and our procedures for buying and selling art are safe, secure, and efficient for transactions of any size. Kings Wood Art will take the uncertainty and risk out of selling art online. We welcome dealers,  and private collectors to list with us. You hold on to the art until it sells.  There is no need for us to have and hold on to your art.



When a buyer purchases, makes an offer, or asks a question, our staff will contact you by email or phone and will notify you immediately when there is interest. 

Our sales associates will work with both parties to facilitate a sale. When a price has been agreed upon, Kings Wood Art  will collect and secure funds from the buyer.  Each transaction is unique and will be handled personally by one of our team.

Buyers are requested to open and inspect the artwork immediately upon receipt. When the buyer has approved the purchase, Kings Wood Art will release funds to the seller within 7 business days. 



  • 10% commission - $100,000+

  • 15% commission - $50,000+

  • 20% commission - $5,000+

  • 25% commission - $2,000+

  • Sellers are responsible for all packing and crating costs. Buyers are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs, and applicable customs or VATS. The commission is due when the art sells and is based on the actual sale price. By listing with us you agree to list exclusively with our site for a period of 120 days. You reserve the right to sell your art privately during this time period.  You may remove your listing at any time without penalty.



First and foremost, provide quality photos and complete and accurate info in your listings. Accurate, detailed listings with quality photos will solicit offers.  Listings with poor quality photos do not. Providing quality pictures of the actual artwork you are selling can not be over emphasized.