Carol Benson-Cobb

“I am an American abstract painter known for my custom abstract colorization. My work re ects a feeling created within a color palette with an emphasis on the way colors touch, layer and affect one another. The vision is to create a mood within the art, adding a hint of a landscape or focal point, usually evoking a feeling of uidity and emotion. My intentions are never to fully de ne a scene but to lead viewers in the use of their imagination and own life experiences to ll in the gaps...
“I am fortunate in that my love is to paint for spaces, not just for what I was inspired to paint but how it needs to feel for a buyer to be able to live and fall in love with a piece.”
Carol Benson-Cobb has evolved her body of work into a scaled gallery quality art company. Her passion started with an entrepreneurial spirit, painting rock star portraits for schoolmates. Over the years she developed a love for abstract and a niche by creating custom pieces with desired color palettes. Purchasing her rst giclee printer in 2008 evolved her creative processes to include the Mixed Media artwork concept. Her work can be found in residential and commercial installations worldwide.

The Mixed Medias

“The Mixed Media combines my love for printing and painting. All imagery can be customized under the Mixed Media concept. The process begins with a digital image of the original work, serving as the template for the end result. Typically I am asked to re-size the art to a speci c scale, possibly add color or change the orientation. Once the image is manipulated and a digital proof is approved the art is printed on canvas. I can then add color or just enhance what is inherent to the painting. With each request I am amazed at the amount of options I can offer. This process allows me to scale the original art concept with unique, signed pieces.”
All Mixed Medias are signed, and given a unique number.

The Original Work

Most originals are acrylics on canvas or board. Commissioned originals are quoted per square inch with a standard oat frame of choice. Commissioned work and custom collections are always welcomed.