Kings Wood Art  provides independent art advisory services to private, corporate and institutional investors and collectors worldwide, offering extensive knowledge and experience in all categories of North American and European fine art including Old Masters, Impressionist, Modern & Contemporary art. We also provide expert valuation and acquisition services & advice on the art markets of Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Understanding and navigating the art market can be tricky. Our highly experienced team of internationally renowned art advisors has powerful associations with the world’s most prestigious artists, art galleries, institutions and auction houses, along with unlimited access to the very best research and statistical material available. When our clients desire discretion in acquiring/selling important modern,post-war & contemporary works of art, Flexibility, immediacy and discretion are our hallmarks Kings Wood Art has assisted in placing nearly $210M in paintings and sculpture into private collections around the world. We continue to provide our global clients unparalleled service to meet their diverse and growing collecting needs with complete confidentiality. 

We  advise and assist our Clients in developing an eye for identifying a true masterpiece of art, as well providing a thorough understanding of an artist’s importance and relevance within the context of art history. We also ensure that artwork is acquired at a price that is either reasonable fair market value or, in most cases, at very favorable prices.

The ability to identify investment opportunities, along with our understanding of the international art market and comprehensive knowledge of art history, enables us to make intelligent and informed investment decisions on your behalf, ensuring that the artworks that you acquire are solid assets that will appreciate in value for generations to come.

Whether you are starting a new art collection or adding to an existing one, Kings Wood Fine Art Advisory will provide you with a unique opportunity to acquire the very best artworks on the market.




Please note pictures from these artists are for reference only. These are not available for sale.  Please inquire if you are looking for works from these artists.